Vihdoin! Vakuuttavat ennen-jälkeen -kuvat julkkiskaunottaren rinnoista!

No tätä kuvaa me olemme odottaneet. Tai tätä kuvakollaasia, jota ennen-jälkeen -kuviksi kutsutaan. Kaikki me Sara X Millsin 600 000 Insta-seuraajaa.

Kaksi tuntia sitten pärähti Instagramiin, joten olkaa hyvä.

Tällainen oli aiemmin seksipommina julkisuuteen tullut Sara. Siitä on aikaa parisen vuotta, kun hän hytkytteli klassista rinnoillaan YouTube-videossa. Rinnat alkoivat kuitenkin aiheuttaa terveysongelmia, ja niinpä hän päätyi leikkauttamaan ne pois muutama kuukausi sitten.

Sara on pätkäissyt myös tukkansa, joten melkoisen androgyyniä stailia leidi nykyisin vetää.


NOT YOUR TYPICAL BEFORE AND AFTER – The body on the left is what so many people loved & praised, I even had women use my photos as “inspo” for their plastic surgeons.  The one on the right is MY ideal, because six months out from my #explant surgery I am healthy and happy. I know there will always be people who prefer the image on the left and won’t hesitate to say so – as much as I support body modifications, had I known what I know now even about having my muscles cut, not to mention HOW MANY women get sick from implants, I would 100000% have never chosen to get them in the first place.  It was a no brainer for me to choose health and a smaller chest with scars over keeping what amounted to toxic plastic sacks in my body for the approval of others. The bloating has melted away from my midsection, I’m able to do a pull up again after seven years, my anxiety is almost nonexistent, I’ve been able to slowly rebuild my overall strength, best of all I have SO MUCH MORE energy!  While I do still have scars both visible & invisible from my time with implants (a lot of brain fog/concentration issues I never had before implants, occasional bouts of fatigue) I feel loads better across the board. To anyone who needs to hear it today: You don’t need to live up to anyone else’s idea of what’s sexy/beautiful/hot/whatever, because at the end of the day it’s only YOUR opinion of you that matters.  DON’T LET ANYBODY DULL YOUR SHINE.

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