Elina Tervon kuuma kuva Comolla!

Elina Tervo on poseerannut jälleen Como-järvellä.

Hän esiintyy aistikkaassa lahkeellisessä light shape bodyssä pidellen käsiä rintojensa alla.

Vaikutelma on kolmella sanalla sanoen eroottinen. Ai, tässä oli vain yksi sana. No vähemmästäkin katsomisen ilosta menee sekaisin.

Ellu kertoo myös itsestään päivityksen yhteydessä (englanniksi) koska hän on kuulemma saanut uusia seuraajia.

-Olen vapaa, vanha sielu joka on syntynyt matkustamaan. Kun kuolen ja elämä valuu filminauhana silmieni edessä, haluan että se elokuva on katsomisen arvoinen.

Elina kertoo syntyneensä Rovaniemellä ja asuneensa sen jälkeen pitkään Helsingissä.

-What do I do for living: I am a model and an influencer. I am also a yoga teacher, media assistant and a personal trainer, hän jatkaa eli kertoo olevansa malli ja vaikuttaja, joka opettaa joogaa, toimii media-assarina ja pt:nä.

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I have so many new followers that I would like to tell you a little bit about myself! These are the questions you have asked, so here are the answers.😘 . . Who am I: A free, old soul who was born to travel. There lives an enthusiastic, restless creature inside of me who feels that nothing is enough and everything is possible. Some old and wize tend to call me an angel. . . What is my goal: When I die and my life flashes in front of my eyes I want that movie to be worth watching. . . What do I do here: I am a traveller and have a strong need to see, experience and understand the world. The diversity, beauty and fragility of it. I have been on the road for five and a half years now, I am homeless and own almost nothing. It is important to me that I can carry with me everything I have because that is the everything I need. I have visited almost 90 countries and still counting. . . What do I do for living: I am a model and an influencer. I am also a yoga teacher, media assistant and a personal trainer. My work incluses bits of all these fields. My goal though is to work less and live more. . . Where do I come from: I am from Finland. I was born in Helsinki but most of my childhood I lived in Rovaniemi, in finnish lapland. After those years I think I just became a citizen of the world. . . Diet: I have been a vegetarian for 23 years and still am. . . What is important to me: Freedom. The most important thing to me is to be in charge of my own life. I get really frustrated if I can't do what I want or if I become dependent on other people. I want to do what I want and in my own schedule. . . I don't like: Cold! I hate cold in all forms of it. Cold water especially. I drink almost everythig warm and never put ice on my drink. I also don't fancy ice cream. Other thing that makes me crazy is slowness. . . Marital status: Unmarried . . Do I have Onlyfans: Yes I have. There is much more free spiritual energy! I publish my photographic art there. You will fall in love 😍 Link in my Story😉 . . #thisisme #followme #hellomynewfriend #model #influencer #traveller #girlwhotravel #aroundtheworld #realme #betheinspiration #dowhatyoulove #instagrammodel #instablackandwhite

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