Vielä viimeiset kuvat ennen silikonien poistoa – julkkismalli häpeilemättömän nakuna!


Nettisensaatio Sara X Millsin silionien poistoleikkaus on vääjäämättä pian käsillä. Nainen luopuu tötteröistään, koska ne ovat aiheuttaneet hänelle monta mieliharmia, ja nyt puhutaan terveydellisistä ongelmista.

Sarassa on ollut nähtävissä, että hän haluaa selkeästi nauttia tisuleistaan vielä ajan, jonka voi. Nainen on lisäillyt viime aikoina varsin alastonpainotteista matskua Instagramiinsa.

Sara oli jossain vaiheessa huolissaan seuraajiensa romahtamisesta tissien poiston jälkeen, mutta lopulta hän on huomannut, että asia on tuonut hänen sivuilleen seuraajiksi myös naisia.

Pitää myös muistaa, että Saralla on telluksen yksi parhaimmista pikkupepuista. Ja aito ja luonnollinen, ilman implantteja. Ei muuta kuin tissikuvista peppukuviin, ja jälleen uusi ahnas yleisö on voitettu.

Tässä Saran lataamia kuvia viime päiviltä.

Here’s a #TBT #throwbackthursday from a year ago – I originally posted this Birth of Venus inspired pose to talk about how nudity is not inherently sexual (the post is still up if you want to read it). While I don’t feel ashamed or bad about ever having gotten implants, I can 100% say I never imagined the future repercussions. The one I’m going to talk about today is being constantly hypersexualized. I definitely noticed over time how much more I (and other women) are automatically sexualized with larger breasts. I’m 5’9″ and 125 pounds. Without breast implants I was always just considered tall, thin, and kind of goofy. I didn’t start doing social media stuff or get back into modeling until several years after getting implants, at which time I slowly began to realize how hypersexualized EVERYTHING that I did had become – not that I don’t take or enjoy taking sexy photos sometimes in my modeling, but there was no damn chill. I could forget being silly or doing art nudes that I enjoyed because everything was now about my boobs. I couldn’t ”turn it off” so to speak, unless I wore a muumuu or something. I don’t feel that anything proves my point any harder than making a completely bonkers ridiculous video where I flexed my pecs (a la Terry Crews) and having it go viral because, unlike Terry Crews, me standing completely still & flexing my pecs with a top on (also unlike Terry Crews) was immediately sexualized and sent what seemed like the entire male internet (ok maybe only like 85%) on a frenzy of trying to dig up (or even fucking fabricate) nude photos of me. Probably forever now when I talk about nudity not being sexual the answer is ”well you bounced your tits to music what do you expect?!” Thankfully at least I was able to capitalize on it ? So yeah. I’m ready for these suckers to be out. I now have a much greater respect for and understanding of women who didn’t choose to have large breasts & have had to deal with shit like this forever. 13 days til #explant!

Kuva, jonka Sara X Mills (@saraontheinternet) julkaisi

Enjoying my morning Yerba mate-coffee blend at Big Bear ☕️ lots of shoots to knock out today! At this time in two weeks I will be out of surgery – it’s crazy to think how fast time is going by! At this point I wish it was just over with already ? the anticipation is stressful, you guys! I’m genuinely hoping I lose like 300k of these ghost followers and lame dudes who only followed bc of ”tits” once I get my implants out – I’m stoked to have no boobs with gnarly scars and be able to take photos like this one of me chillin & not automatically be seen as ”porn” or ”fap material” ?? I bet you $1 I will find all the scar fetish dudes though (or they will find me) – hehe. #mylife #explant

Kuva, jonka Sara X Mills (@saraontheinternet) julkaisi

I wanted to post this here because I think it’s sort of funny… I took this to share in a group of women sick from breast implants to ask if anyone else there had experienced one of the symptoms I am. Dudes see this and they’re like ”NICE TITS” (at least one dumbass won’t read this and will comment that anyway, or will say it to try to be cute) but I look at this and all I can see is how swollen my left side is, how much it hurts, and how afraid I am that I might have a rupture that’s spread silicone throughout my body. I see my younger self, content with my original appearance but willing to undergo a life-changing surgical procedure because it was part of the ”uniform” of my job. Last but not least I see thousands, if not millions, of women who are willing to undergo surgeries or crash diets or quack supplements to try to achieve an insane standard of some frozen-in-time 20 year old’s body that’s rarely, if ever, even found in nature. I see men & women disparaging their bodies and the bodies of others with comments like ”pancake boobs” and ”National Geographic titties”. I tell you what – our society could learn a lot from any woman who walks around topless and feels no shame for not measuring up to some bullshit societal ideal. I can’t wait to be able to join that number, scars and all. Two weeks til #explant!

Kuva, jonka Sara X Mills (@saraontheinternet) julkaisi

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