Suomalaiskaunotar pakarat paljaina: ”En halua peitellä selluliittejani”

Aito kuva. Aitoa puhetta.

Upea mallikaunottaremme Miamista, Jessica Edström on hivenen surullinen, sillä häntä on arvosteltu vähäpukeisista kuvista.

Hän on sitä mieltä, että vaikka ihminen esiintyykin netissä puolipukeissaan, ihmisten olisi hyvä muistaa käytöstavat, aivan kuten luonnossakin. Vain ihminen, jolla on asiat huonosti, tuntee Jessican mielestä tarvetta arvioida muiden elämää.

Tämähän on ihan totta!

Jessica kertoo tässä metsäpolulla pyllypakarat paljaina kävellessään, ettei hän edes peittele omia selluliittejaan. Hän ei näe sitä tarpeelliseksi.


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Not even gonna smooth out my cellulites – real pic & talk ➡️ I'm a sensitive soul but social media have thought me to toughen up and to not to give a fck about other ppl's opinion about me or my life, but still some 💩-comments can annoy me like crazy cos how some think it's necessary and okay to openly criticise a public figure / someone with little clothes on / or anyone just because it's on the internet. It's like all normal common sense of human polite behaviour doesn't apply anymore when it comes to stuff online. I hope you'll never will feel the need to throw shit at someone who's being themself and are proud and happy for it. All I see in haters are sadness. I don't feel hate for them, I feel sorry. If you're happy in yourself you have NO NEED to openly criticise others choice of life, look, behaviour or who THEY chose to be. If you don't like something it takes 95861 times less energy to just scroll on or look away than to comment something negative. It's okay to have opinions, and you don't need to like everything in this world, but it's not okay to try to make someone feel shit about themself because YOU don't like it. The way I (and most ppl) look and live life is not to please anyone except myself. I have 0 tolerance for negativity and I block everyone who on purpose trys to bring me down, but sometimes (pretty often) I get comments that are hurtful even if I know the person don't even realize it. Because it's on the internet and I "show my body" some think it's totally okay to comment exactly anything without caution? ANYONE should be treated with respect at any time, no matter who they are or what they're wearing. I wish ppl put a thought in what they chose to comment to others and remember it's actually a real person behind the pic or screen. If you wouldn't say the same thing to a person in real life why would it be okay to do it online??? I TOTALLY understand why a lot of models choose to NOT read or reply comments cos it's so easy to let the negativity affect you. But I chosen to show my appreciation to you with replying as many of your comments as I can daily. Thank you all of you who always treat me with respect 💓 #GOODVIBEZ ONLY

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