Tällä personal trainerilla on täydellisin ja muhkein jytkypylly, mitä maailmasta löytyy – herra isä mitkä pakarat!


No nyt on!

Brittany Olsen kertoo olevansa ammatiltaan personal trainer eli henkilökohtainen kuntosaliohjaaja.

Brittanyn Instagram-sivun perusteilla hän on tehnyt ihan kohtalaisen kuntosaliohjelman myös itselleen, ainakin mitä alta löytyvistä kuvista voi päätellä. Voi herra mun elämä millaisia kuvia!

Katso otoksia alta.

I am sorry if there are still a few of you I haven’t emailed back to yet. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have a full time job next to this so it can be difficult to reach everyone at once. Also thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my recent posts. It makes my day. For those of you who are interested in the 16 week lower body program then I would really recommend you to attach or link a video of your squat in the email, so I can analyze your form and give you feedback. If your squat needs some correction you would be far better off practicing your squat without the dependency of a program. I get many questions about if the program can be completed at home. I never really recommend home training… Unless you have your own little home gym with proper equipment and a beast mentality on top of that. A motivational lifting atmosphere and the right equipment are essential for best results. Have a great day! #squat #deadlift #fitness #fitspo #gym #workout #training #health #powerlifting #offseason #motivation #danish #denmark

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