Jäähyväiskuva jättirinnoista – nettisensaatio aikoo poistattaa nämä muhkut!

Nettisensaatio Sara X Mills on julkaissut jäähyväiskuvan silikoneistaan. Hän aikoo poistattaa ne muutaman viikon kuluttua leikkauksessa.

Sara on nyt avautunut, mihin kaikkeen hän silkkareittensa kanssa joutui. Ne aiheuttivat hänelle paljon terveysongelmia ja kipuja, allergioita ja jopa keskittymiskykynsä nainen kertoo menettäneensä. Jotain siis ilmeisesti tapahtui kehossa, eikä se jotain ollut hyvä asia.

-Jos saisin nyt valita, en ottaisi silikoneja. Mitkään viraalikuvat ja nettisuosio ja raha eivät ole terveyden arvoista, nainen toteaa.

PLASTIC SURGERY ROBBED ME OF MY TWENTIES. Yeah I said it. I was STOKED to see @crystalhefner post about this today, I want there to be more awareness brought to this subject. Since I got breast implants for funsies at age 22 I’ve gotten progressively more sick. Starting at month three, I developed anxiety and digestive issues, joint pain, then chronic sinus infections so bad I had to have surgery, then hypothyroid, then random food allergies, then my adrenals went haywire. I have autoimmune flare ups, when I feel like I have the flu for days because I am just so sore and tired. I have trouble concentrating, brain fog, fatigue.  I have almost constant soreness in my chest. I’ve managed to struggle through all this and make it as a model despite the fact that I feel like hot ass at least half the time and I high five myself for that. While science hasn’t officially come to terms with #breastimplantillness yet, there is something called ASIA Syndrome (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) that has been scientifically proven, and there are THOUSANDS of anecdotal stories of women with breast or other implants having the same symptoms as me or worse, who without any real answers from medical doctors, have decided to #explant. Most have felt at least somewhat better immediately, and many have been restored to almost full health after explant. DOCTORS STILL DENY THAT BREAST IMPLANTS COULD CAUSE ILLNESS despite all of these women who became sick with unexplained autoimmune conditions after getting them. No implants are truly safe, saline implants are in A SILICONE SHELL. Not everyone who gets implants gets sick, but if I could go back and do it all over again I definitely WOULD NOT DO IT. Nothing is worth my health… not viral videos or money or whatever.  Those things are fun but not worth a fraction of all of this. I have six weeks to go before my surgery and it cannot come soon enough. I have something else to write about this but I’ll post more tomorrow. If you want to contribute to my little performance art piece of selling uncensored photos to make my bewbz self-funding, click the link in my bio.  I have smaller versions coming to the shop by this week! ?

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