Suomalaismalli palasi kesälomille Suomeen ja riisui – meikkinsä! Tunnistaisitko?

Jessica Edström, tämä kuva viimeistään todistaa että olet luonnonkaunis luomutyttö.


Jessica Edström on palannut Miamista koto-Suomeen lomille. Kuten aikaisempinakin kesinä.

Miamissa nainen riisuu usein kameralle, mutta koti-Suomessa voi ainakin ensimmäisenä riisua meikit. Niin Jessica on nyt tehnyt.

Kyllä täytyy sanoa että taiten ehostettuna yleensä nähty mallikaunotar on luomussa kunnossa ihan yhtä ehtaa ja ihanaa katsottavaa. Lisää vaan tätä, Jessica!

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This is me. Zero make-up, #ALNATURAL ⬆️ Recently I've posted a few pictures of me wearing no make-up and I'm so happy for the positive response you've given me!! 😍❤ I use to feel insecure without makeup on pics because of my skin imperfections (years ago I struggled with adult acne which left a lot of scars. Also with age, and the down side of being a smiling and laughing human being chasing the sun around the world, I got wrinkles). But right now I feel so so happy with my skin and it's honestly all thanks to @plastic_surgery_center who've taken care and helped me with the acne scar and lines! My skin is not perfect, but it's so much better than it been for so many years and it truly feels amazing to be confident enough to show myself without make-up for over 200k who always expect to see the best of me ❤ There's nothing fake or wrong caring for your outside, with makeup, treatments, professional help, or whatever you chose. As long as it makes you happy there's absolutly nothing wrong with it ❤👑

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